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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Like a Lion and Be Stylish or Be Square

I guess it's all about Rob/Edward today. I tried making two with only Kristen Stewart so that she could shine, too, but for some reason they both ended up looking like utter crap. (Not Kristen, mind you, but the background and everything else that was my doing.) So now I owe two exclusively-Kristen wallpapers.
When I first saw this picture of Rob (from a Japanese magazine scan, I believe), I compared him to a puppy. But as I continued looking (gawking) at him, I couldn't really see the innocence in his eyes anymore, and "mountain lion" came to mind instead. Then I remembered, of course! - in Twilight he hunts like a mountain lion and the big cat is also his favorite treat. I decided to make the background look like old paper and decided to make the cougar, the paw prints, and the text look like drawings and writing.
It took me FOREVER to figure out what in the world to do with this break-taking shot of Rob Stylin'-Pants Pattinson. Seriously, I tried so, so many things and I always ended up hitting, or rather punching, Ctrl-Z (the undo button for those less computer-savvy =P). Finally I began fooling around with prints on his shirt, and found that blue and grey squares looked awesome. Moving on to the background, I kept to the square theme. But it still looked too plain so I spent another ten minutes pondering what words I could write all over to spice it up. The word "stylish" kept repeating over and over in my head - obviously because of how stylish Rob looks - so I looked up synonyms for "stylish", picked my favorite, and put them all over.

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